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Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer - Dog Separation Anxiety Training anywhere in the UK

Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer - Dog Separation Anxiety Training anywhere in the UK

Does your dog have Separation Anxiety?

Our Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer can help resolve this, anywhere in the UK!

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Dogs And Separation Anxiety

Separation Related Behaviour Problems are quite common in dogs. Severe separation anxiety in dogs can mean that they destroy the house while you're out, wee and poo all over, cry, bark and howl and often dogs can try to escape the house - I've seen some dogs even break through windows.

However, it is also one of the most resolvable issues, in fact, 80% of dogs with separation anxiety can become completely anxiety-free using desensitising methods!

There are a lot of reasons why this can develop, such as:

- Being scared of being left alone
- Fearful that you aren't going to return
- Scary noises happening while you are gone
- Hyper attached to 1 person that has left
- Scared that they are missing out on something and frustrated by this
- They get bored while you're gone

All of which can be exacerbated by pain or discomfort in your dog (so a vet check is super important too!)

Whatever the reason, we can change the behaviour! We can help you show your dog it's all right to be alone and teach them the behaviour they should be doing instead!​

We have 2 options for separation anxiety dog training separation anxiety, these are:

1:1 Training with our Specialist Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

or, our Resolving Separation Anxiety Group Class

For more information on our 1:1 training, please book an assessment call below or alternatively, sign up for our group class.

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Resolving Separation Anxiety Group Class

If your dog has separation anxiety, this class is for you!

Just like any other group class, you will be training alongside other dog owners whose dogs are also struggling with separation anxiety. ​

During the class, you will be given the theory that you need to know in order to help your dog and you will work with our Specialist Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer and Behaviourist who will be able to watch and supervise while you train your dog.​

In this course, we will help you teach your dog to:

👉🏻 Not destroy the house while you're out.
👉🏻 Not to Go to the toilet in inappropriate places while you are not around.
👉🏻 Not to annoy your neighbours by barking until they complain.
👉🏻 Not to get anxious or distressed when left alone.

Book Our Resolving Separation Anxiety Class

1:1 Separation Anxiety Dog Training

If group classes aren't for you, we can also help on a 1:1 basis.

During our 1:1, we will look at every area of your dog's life to make sure they are getting what they need. Once we have established our training plan, we will then guide you through it every step of the way!

While you are working with us, you will have unlimited support via email, and we expect you to video some of your training so we can help you in between sessions.

All our sessions for separation anxiety are via Zoom, as this is undoubtedly the best way to deal with separation anxiety cases. If there is a dog trainer in your home, your dog will be even more anxious when there is an extra person trying to leave, whereas, on Zoom, you will have 1 camera on your dog, your phone in your hand and our Specialist Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer watching you both remotely and can be recorded and rewatched. On Zoom, the setup for training will be much more natural for you and your dog which will mean much better results for you and your dog.

We have a wealth of experience working through separation anxiety cases, and we are confident that we can help you overcome the struggles that you and your dog are having!​

To chat with us about booking some 1:1 sessions, simply book an assessment call below.

Book Our Resolving Separation Anxiety Class

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