Ditch The routine

Wherever and whenever you can - Try to mix it up as much as possible - don’t be predictable!

Dogs are born predicting, from where the milk comes from to where the next walk will be - the prediction of excitement for some dogs can be as good as the event itself!


Your dogs will naturally want to find predictors and find creative ways to predict things. Wherever and whenever you can - Don’t let this happen! Try to mix it up as much as possible - don’t be predictable!


Over-arousal can happen from predicting the event / fear from predicting a negative event. Dogs who have less predictable schedules are much happier in their everyday life. They are flexible!   


So how can you make your dog more flexible?…


change the:

• Way you feed (scatter feeding, kong, bone, etc.) Interactive feeding is the way forward! 

• Way you exercise / training routine - mix it up!


All of the above increases flexibility – being able to think outside the box is super key to creating a happy and easily adjustable dog! 


Ditching the routine can be far less stressful for the dog – actually it’s the humans that can find it hard! Your dog will for sure be happier and more content as long as you can stick with it…the more you do it, the easier it becomes - just wait for the benefits to come flooding in!

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