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Dog Training in South Shields

Dog Trainer Northumberland - Dog Training Northumberland

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All our trainers are qualified or accredited and have plenty of experience. Not only this, but we ONLY use force free methods that are kind and maintain the highest standard of welfare.

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Durham Puppy Training Classes

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Resolving Separation Anxiety Group Class

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South Shields Puppy Classes

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Dog Training Needed In Northumberland?

If your dog or puppy is in need of a helping paw to guide them on their way to being well behaved and happy then you’ve come to the right place! The Dog Trainer provides specialist dog training in Northumberland. Whether you’ve got an older dog or a brand new addition to your family in the form of a puppy, The Dog Trainer can provide assistance with a range of issues big or small.

Furry Friend Have You Feeling Overwhelmed?

It’s not uncommon to feel you’ve got your hands full with a new pup or even an older dog that’s in need of some training – your happiness and health may even be tied to your dog’s. Unfortunately, it’s easy for dogs to develop bad habits or sometimes even behavioural issues, whether it comes from being poorly socialised with other dogs or people, which has the potential to be actively harmful, or whether your dog may be susceptible to some kind of anxiety, perhaps of being separated from you or from things like fireworks, which might hurt your pup’s quality of life.

Whatever the kind of problem your furry friend has, it’s important to remember that these issues can be solved and that by solving them not only can you help yourself to feel more relaxed and better enjoy owning a dog, but you’ll also be helping them to live a more comfortable and happy life as well!

Give Yourself A Treat – Try Out Our Services!

A happy and well-behaved dog improves both your and your pet’s lives – to this end, we offer a range of services which will not only help manage and improve your dog’s behaviour, but crucially assist in the development of your dog’s skills.

The Dog Trainer offers bespoke training suited to your concerns, but which also match up with the needs and characteristics of your dog. Big, small, fluffy or soft, both older dogs and new pups, we can assist your furry friend with a range of behaviour, socialisation or anxiety-based issues and much more – no more worrying you by getting a little too close for comfort when meeting new people, pulling too hard on their lead or perhaps getting distressed and causing damage when you’re away from home; no issue is too big or small.

Anything You Need, With Great Trainers!

Our Head Trainer Nathan is an exceptionally trained and fully certified pet behaviourist, with an abundance of experience in training numerous breeds and personalities – your dog will be attentively guided through well planned programmes and Nathan and his team will endeavour to show you how to ensure your dog lives its happiest and best-behaved life. Not only will your dog or pup be receiving top tier quality, fact based training, it’ll come from passionate, expert and caring trainers!

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