During the day, you want to keep your dog as calm as possible, if they are highly aroused around the time leading up to the event, this may add to their stress on an  ​​ actual night. This is because the Cortisol (stress hormone) that is released when the body is put...

Imagine your dogs emotions are water in a pan. Ideally, this water should be cool and calm, like their emotions. Unfortunately, there are flames under their pan.

Each flame represents something that either worries or excites your dog. These flames will vary in size dep...

Your dog is constantly at a crossroads in their lives, they have so many different roads they can choose at any point, do they do the zoomies around the room? E

You and your dog's small talk

A conversation starter is something that you ask from your dog to give your dog focus and confidence in a new environment. For nervous dogs, this could be a gamechanger! For any crazily excited dogs that love to run and run, this could crea...

The 6 secrets to dog walking

I want to dive into the world of dog walking and Im hoping with this blog series I will change your mindset on it forever. Firstly we are going to set the foundations for dog walking your dog, a few things to think about before you set off o...

When we first get our dogs, we spend the first part of their life training and getting adjusting our lives to accommodate them. More often than not, eventually the training fades out. We forget the reason we got our dogs and our original aims for them. So, this very si...

This is so, so very important for a pup and there are so many options for you to be able to have a go at home that are simple, at a low or no cost and effective.

Here are just a couple of examples that we love:

Noise box - Can your dog eat from a noise box? What on earth...

Well dogs and puppies, they are predictable, they often want to go after any event, and more frequently the younger they are.

Firstly, we try to have and practice the gated communities approach to life with our dogs, they don’t have free access to everything all of the...

Play is about FUN! So many people treat play as an exercise, it’s not an exercise, it’s PLAY and you don’t want to have too many rules - it will suck the joy from the play!

Those who can play together will stay together! You may get worried about who is the boss and who...

Puppies can get very excited when they get a burst of energy, and some for sure have lots of energy. This is normal - they are young and full of fun.

It is very common to play bite and nip, your puppy is NORMAL. Sometimes they bark and bounce to instigate play or any at...

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Keep Your Dog Calm This Bonfire Night

November 1, 2019

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