Puppies can get very excited when they get a burst of energy, and some for sure have lots of energy. This is normal - they are young and full of fun.

It is very common to play bite and nip, your puppy is NORMAL. Sometimes they bark and bounce to instigate play or any attention, and sometimes worse! For some dogs any attention is good attention, they really just want to be noticed whether it’s for good or bad reasons. They really aren’t at all fussed; they will potentially take either!

When your dog wants to play or get you to pay them attention and you want them to settle, have a toy, a chew, a stuffed kong or an activity nearby and to hand to redirect their attention away from you and from thinking about you. This can be part of their daily food ration and it will allow you and them a healthy activity and that breathing space that you need! Ensure that you deliver the distraction in a very low key manner, remember we want to start growing CALMNESS with our dogs and pups when they are young as possible and we want to rehearse the room and the energy to work with the environment.

Frozen kongs or chews can also be good, knowing that your young dog may have a sore mouth. This may be the answer and this could even give them a super good chance to soothe their gums. This could even be part of why they are biting in the first place so cooling teething opportunities are great strategies for settling them at a young age.

Calming strokes and massage can also help to calm excited puppies or if they are barking in their crate due to over excitement, then cover it over with a blanket or similar. Crate covers are easily accessed and very very useful in terms of helping to be a super useful additional training tool. Have a crate or puppy pen or quiet space always available for your puppy if he or she does need some settle time away from the action. This is super super normal! It doesn’t need to be a punishing place - it needs to be a place to settle, a calm space, a relaxing space and a space where your puppy can settle.

With puppies and dogs in general always try to have an answer, a strategy (like the crate

cover) or a solution to help you through your struggles. As with all training, always ensure that you have met all of your dogs needs first, for example make sure they have had adequate toilet breaks, water and food and stimulation.

Play some of the cool games with

your puppy throughout the day to put the great energy they have to good use. They can learn key skills through the art of play, fun and games.


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