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Puppy Play

Play is about FUN! So many people treat play as an exercise, it’s not an exercise, it’s PLAY and you don’t want to have too many rules - it will suck the joy from the play!

Those who can play together will stay together! You may get worried about who is the boss and who should win, well this isn’t the point at all with play - we need to open our mindset to a whole new world, a fun world that can incorporate super fun play.

Remember a fun bond is one that will last a lifetime and through play and great relationships you can beat almost any struggle, it can be based on trust, fun, play and joy! So lose yourself, lower those inhibitions, get on your hands and knees, make sounds like Tarzan, roll on your back and fling your arms in the air, put your stereo on loud, turn the volume

up and do whatever it takes to let go and enjoy playing with your puppy, they will love it!

We like to have music on in the background as it really helps to bring our energy UP - remember whatever it takes for you then just do it!

Keep YOUR play sessions fast, exciting and fun! Short, sweet, high energy and engaged is the key to success.

Give your pup EASY WINS, let them take the lead, let them feel super strong, let them have their toy and parade it and most of all enjoy spending some good quality time together. We love to play with our dogs every day in some way and so will you, try a variety of good quality and fun toys and bring them out as a special occasion rather than having them out at all times. We don’t have 24/7 availability, they come out as and when they are needed.

We like Tug-E-Nuff Toys and thoroughly recommend their range of interactive toys!

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