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Dexter and his owner, The Superstar Team!

I’ve revisited Dexter, the Border Collie from Sunderland, a long-term client, to continue working on various aspects such as his reactivity, pulling on the lead, excessive excitement around people, and his challenges in the vet’s office. Dexter and his owner are exceptionally diligent—truly some of the hardest workers I’ve had!

Dexter is making wonderful progress around people and is disengaging nicely rather than getting over-excited by every person. Overall, he’s much more relaxed around people.

His loose leash walking has improved significantly and monthly injections from the vets have become hassle-free. He’s also nearly able to get onto the scales, which was a major issue.

Unfortunately, Dexter seems to have severe hip dysplasia, causing him much pain. This limits his exercise options, which means he needs a lot of mental stimulation and other outlets for his behaviours, including some stalking-type games to match his breed.

Dexter is an absolutely lovely dog with a fantastic owner. Together, they make a phenomenal team!

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