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Finn's third session

Yesterday was Finn's third session, previously when going out Finn was so worked up that he was a bag of nerves, pulling on the lead and even screeching at times!

We took things slow with Finn and initially worked on teaching him to settle and how to switch off to make sure Finn was giving his body time to recuperate and destress. That way he was in a more neutral state mentally and physiologically.

We started with short exposure sessions in the front garden working on keeping him calm and disengaging from passers-by before practicing in the street.

Today as he was in a calmer state of mind so we also started to teach him a "With me" for loose lead walking. It might not look like much but for Finn, this is a big step in being interested in food outside AND paying more attention to his owner than everything else going on. And there was a lot going on!

There's still a lot of work to do to get Finn to the point of being content & calm outside in general and not getting worked up when he sees people, dogs, bikes, etc.

Well done Finn & Co as this was a bit accomplishment for him!

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