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Jessie the Reactive Rottweiler

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Jessie is a sensitive girl and resident dog of the The Dog Hoose, Tynemouth, and Newcastle.

Jessie struggles with the outside world, she is anxious and reacts to dogs and people.

Jessie is very under-confident, even if she wants something that is slightly difficult to get, she gives up.

By the sounds of it, she’s had a very hard life which has left her very apprehensive and suppresses her desires and her ability to take control of a situation.

Her owner is fab, works with dogs and knows an awful lot, and therefore gives her a great life, lots of enrichment and spends time training her.

Jessie also previously had another trainer who has now retired, she did some great work with them and has already laid some great foundations.

With Jessie, we went right back to basics. She knows the basics, but her foundation and drive is missing - usually, things that come naturally. This lack of control and choice she feels she has over her environment then leads to her being forced to take control by showing aggressive behaviours towards things she’s unsure of.

Simple things like following treats, scent work and teaching her that she CAN do it is what will help her most.

It’s my hope we can boost her confidence and with that will help her tremendously with her reactivity.

I’m looking forward to seeing her progress and think we can achieve one hell of a transformation here!

See you both soon

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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