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Bella and Rusky the Huskies

This week we went back to see Luna and Rusky the huskies.

Annoyingly, we had hoped to see plenty of dogs but only saw 1! So we got Bella out and all Zoe’s hard work is clearly paying off, no reactivity from Rusky at all and straight into walking side by side with Bella, along with a lovely greeting from him.

We did have a weird issue during the session, Rusky got a static shock on his nose from Zoe’s hand when taking a treat and became too scared to take them! Not an issue I can ever say I’ve had before, but we quickly worked through and had him eating out of her hand in no time again.

Finally, we did some more loose leash walking, individually both dogs are fantastic at it, but there’s a bit more work needed before they are being walked at heel together still.

Well done Zoe, Rusky, and Luna, looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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