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Rusky the Husky.

Yesterday was our first in-person session with Rusky the Husky.

We have previously had a session with Zoe, their owner, over zoom during lockdown so foundations were in place.

Rusky has some issues around other dogs where he’s barks and lunges and this can be when he’s quite far away. There was also a recent incident where a little dog that was off-leash (which shouldn’t have been as quite clearly didn’t have a recall) dived in his face and he was forced to defend himself.

Although this is quite a straightforward case, it’s made more difficult that Luna and Rusky can’t be left at home without each other for long so we are working with them both at once, as well as spending the little time they can be separated doing loose leash walking training.

Rusky gets frustrated when he can’t see other dogs, and that causes this explosion of frustration we see. For this type of behavior, we simply teach Rusky to be able to happily disengage from other dogs.

As you can see in the pictures, we went from not being able to get within 15 meters of Rusky to up close and personal in about 15 minutes with both Chloe and Bella.

Great session from Zoe and Rusky, look forward to seeing you both for a follow up soon

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