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Tonight we went back to see Mac the Beagle and his guardian Marie.

The last time I was there, Mac was barking at every other dog he saw. Marie couldn’t walk down a street with a dog on the other side of the road without barking.

Since that visit, they’ve clearly put their work in!

Tonight we had Mac walking a meter away from Chloe without any stress, anxiety, or barking at all!

We also passed several other dogs, none of which caused Mac to react.

So pleased with how they’ve done so far!

We added 2 new games into the mix tonight, the first being the plant pot game, which gives Mac the ability to disengage from things like footballs and other dogs, and then we looked at the get it a game, which teaches Mac to think before he acts and wait for a cue.

These 2 have been superstars and can’t wait to see how far they’ve both come in a few weeks' time!

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