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Windy day for Kodys session!

Yesterday, we saw Kody the Tibetan Spaniel in Whitley Bay. We planned to go there as there are usually loads of dogs, however this time it chucked it down and the weather was just awful with no dogs anywhere.

We’ve worked with Kody for a while now and Chloe was always the most hated dog ever by him, he HATED Black and Tan GSDs!

Today, we put Kodys work to the test, got Chloe out, and had no barking whatsoever, hardly even battered an eyelid. They met, sniffed, and continued with no issues at all.

Kody is doing fab and has gone from reacting at dogs on sight, from as far as he can see, to walking past them completely fine.

Today was the ultimate test and successfully passed

Well done Kody and co, fantastic well deserved results!

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