**This service is only available to dogs under 7 months old that are  currently enrolled only one of our Perfect Puppy Programs**


Do you want to boost your puppy experience and get the best help at the time when your puppy needs it most? 


Our Pupgrade service is designed to give you just that! 


Preventing or resolving puppy behaviours very early on in their lives stops them from becoming a learned nightmare later in life. Almost every single behaviour case we deal with can be traced back to not putting steps in place earlier in life to combat it, so don't let your puppy be one of these! 


These sessions are 1 on 1 with a trainer or behaviourist who is skilled up to give you the perfect advice on your puppies behaviour and how to resolve it. 

Perfect Pupgrade

Pupgrade Options
  •  - Puppy Separation anxiety

     - Mouthing, biting and chewing

     - Early stages of aggression

     - Barking at dogs and people outside

     - Nervousness

     - Loose Leash walking

     - Recall

     - Preventing guarding items or getting aggressive when you try to remove them

     - Over excitement


    and much more. 

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