Welcome to our Separation Related Behaviour Program.  This 5 week program is designed to transform your dog's problems into successes! Would you like your dog to: 👉🏻 Not destroy the house while you're out?👉🏻 Not to Go to the toilet in inappropriate places while you are not around?👉🏻 Not to annoy your neighbours by barking until they complain?👉🏻 Not to getting anxious or distressed when left alone? If you answered yes to any of the above, this program is for you!!  Across 5 weeks, we will give you the step by step instructions to:  🐾 Build your dogs confidence and optimism🐾 Learn about the 5 main types of separation related behaviour problems🐾 Identify which of the 5 types your dog has🐾 Address the WHOLE DOG picture🐾 Teach your dog to be happy when left alone  Are you ready to transform your dogs behaviour? Our next course starts Monday 24th June 2020!

How to Resolve Separation Anxiety In Dogs - Step by Step Program

  • Due to the nature of this course, each week will be delivered by Facebook Live. This means that you can still watch, learn and ask any questions you have, while still being able to watch again and again and again! 

    You will also be provided with separate training videos that will show you the step by step training that you need to help your dog overcome their fears of being left alone.

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