🐶 Have you got a lockdown puppy?


🐶 Please, please, please DO NOT leave their training until lockdown ends!


❌ Instead, train them with the UK’s #1 Dog Trainer!


The majority of calls, messages and cases that I am currently dealing with are owners who got their puppies during or just before the last lockdown.


A lot are pulling on the lead, not coming back when asked and not socialised.


This CAN be avoided! ✅


We are nearly a year on since the first lockdown, and once again in person group sessions are postponed and we have no idea when they will be back.


In this time, we have mastered online learning, whether by 1:1 or group classes - and quite frankly, you DO NOT need to be in a class environment to train your puppy to a high standard!


So, we are releasing our TRAINER SUPPORTED puppy and beginners program! This program will start on 1st March 2021 and last for 7 weeks via our online platform.


You can sign up here: Most likely, the trainer supported version will only be released a couple of times over lockdown!


During this course, you can get help from our trainers via our course specific Facebook Group.


You can also earn your super-cool Rosette and Certificate by completing the tasks set.


This program will start on 1st March 2021 with 7 weeks of puptastic practicals via our online platform!


Check out our video of the previous super pups!!

Trainer Supported Puppy Program - Starting 1st March 2021

  • ✅ 1 thing to train your puppy each weekday, for 10 minutes each day. 

    ✅ Lifetime access to all the tutorials (over 50 step by step lessons) of puppy training.

    ✅ Available anywhere and from any device including our Mobile App.

    ✅ Teach your dog to heel, come back when asked and pay attention outside!

    ✅ Teach your dog to be calm at home, drop items when you ask and leave things they shouldn’t have.


    BONUS: Learn how to socialise your dog during lockdown

    BONUS: Tutorials to help you through some of the most asked about puppy problems like biting, toilet training and where to sleep.

  • Once booked, we are unable to offer refunds under any circumstances.

We are looking forward to hearing from you



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