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Revisiting Olive the rescue dog with Mad barrier frustrations

We’ve been back to see Olive the rescue dog who has some seriously intense barrier frustration.

She’s fine with most dogs, happily plays in daycare etc, but goes through life at 100mph and has very little impulse control.

The last time we saw Olive, she was reacting at about 30 meters. This time, we could get within about 5 or 6 meters. A definite improvement!

My favorite thing about this though is over the 5 or 6 meters, she looks at the other dog then whips back around super fast to get some praise and ham.

This is what we did in this session:

  • Continued with her counter conditioning and teaching the alternative response to other dogs

  • Started teaching impulse control with a toy so that we can throw a ball and she won’t react until cued.

  • Taught her to drop a ball on cue

I love Olive, she’s dead cute! We will be seeing her each week for the next few weeks to really support her through her journey too!

Well done guys, super transformation since the last time!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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