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Looking for Puppy or Dog Training in Chester Le Street?
Treat your dog to some training from our qualified dog trainers!

Whether you are struggling with walking your dog because they pull on the lead, run off or bark at other dogs, we can teach you the skills needed to help your dog understand you and listen!

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Just Got A Puppy? Try Puppy Training In Chester Le Street

Have you just added the newest, furriest and probably the most adorable member to your family? 

Raising a puppy is no easy task. Training one can be even more difficult than you might have initially realised. It can be time consuming and it’s hard to know where to start. Don’t worry though, if you’re looking for puppy training in Chester Le Street, South Shield Dog Trainer have you covered.

Benefits of Puppy Training

Proper training is a highly important when raising a puppy for a multitude of reasons. Puppy training can help provide great mental stimulation for your pooch ensuring they are active and happy and can be a great source of exercise for your pup.

It is also important to establish a great working relationship with your puppy as well as helping to establish dominance between owner and pet. It is important to build good, consistent habits when training your puppy ensuring they have less energy come the evening time and are more likely to sleep at night.

Just Take Puppy Steps

You can take it as slow as you like when it comes to asking our Chester Le Street dog trainer for help. South Shield Dog trainer offer a free one to one assessment where we can get an initial first chance to meet your puppy and assess any areas to work on with next to no distractions, they’ll have all the attention. If you would rather opt for a more social environment for your puppy to learn in, we offer a number of classes aimed at puppy training in Chester Le Street. Feel free to check them out.

Puppy Programs

Our puppy training in Chester Le Street covers a variety of different types of puppy training. We offer a range of puppy training, including:

- One to One Puppy Training: One on one training for your puppy ensuring they get the proper attention and correct training to help strengthen weaknesses and improve any issues.

- Puppy Classes: Puppy classes include training with other puppies to help socialise your pooch as well as helping them learn in a dog friendly environment ensuring they have lots of fun learning all the basics.

- Interactive Puppy School (Trainer Supported): Highly interactive puppy training in Chester Le Street with other puppies and a dedicated trainer taking your puppy and teaching them how to be a dog.

Why Choose Us?

South Shield Dog Trainer is fully qualified and a certified pet behaviourist. Specialising in reactive and aggressive dog across a range of different dog breeds you can be sure your puppy is in the best hands to start their training off on the right path.

Why not have a look at our success stories and see how we can help you?

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