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How Do I Stop My Dog With Separation Related Behaviour Problems

My dog is becoming anxious, barking or destroying the house when left alone.
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Why Does My Dog Do This?

Separation Related Behaviour Problems are quite common in dogs. Here are some of the reasons why dogs act the way they do.

They are anxious that you won't return

Fearful that you've gone actually gone for good!

Frustrated that you left without them

Too much energy and they make bad choices

In pain or discomfort or other medical reasons

Scary noises happen when you're not there and there is no comfort

Whatever the reason, we can change the behaviour! We can help you show your dog its alright to be alone and teach them the behaviour they should be doing instead!

Resolving Separation Problems

If you're dog struggles to be left alone, then this course is for you!

🐾 Build your dogs confidence and optimism

🐾 Address the WHOLE DOG picture

🐾 Teach your dog to be happy when left alone

"I have the perfect puppy thanks to Nathan 🙏 🙂"
Pia Melin

Why Does My Dog Do This?

🐾 Frustrated that they aren't listening to you

🐾 Confused why your dog is doing this

🐾 Scared of what they might do next

🐾 Embarrassed about what neighbours other people might think

🐾 Unable to leave the house

🐾 Guilty that you may have caused this behaviour

You don't have to feel this way! Book a FREE assessment call below and get the relaxed dog walks you deserve.

How We Can Help

🐾 Look at the whole dog picture and assess why your dog is behaving this way

🐾 Provide simple to follow training plan that anyone can complete

🐾 Provide support throughout the whole training process

🐾 Video tutorials so you can watch and rewatch the training techniques you need

🐾 Regular check-ins to take training to the next step when needed

🐾 A friendly Facebook group so you can talk to others with similar problems

🐾 A friendly Facebook group so you can talk to others with similar problems

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Feedback / Reviews

I think the training was fun for both the dogs and the handlers. Learning through playing is great. Both our pups have really developed since attending puppy training. Nathan has been really brilliant in what has been the most trying of circumstances. Helpful, sharing wisdom and experience really enhanced the training. Access to the online training has also helped so I would thoroughly recommend Nathan to anyone looking for dog training.

Alex Shaw

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