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Our aim is to transform you and your dogs struggles into strengths while building skills that are real-life ready and increase the relationship between you and your dog. 
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Why Choose Us?

Trained and Certified By 'Pro Dog Trainers' Using Most Up-To-Date Scientifically Proven Methods
We Train Using Games That Inspire Awesome Real-life Choices For Your Dog.
We have won a best business awards for business excellence in Dog Training from Three Best Rated. 
Our unique approach is used by some of the top trainers, behaviourists and dog sports coaches worldwide

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About Us

We are award winning dog trainers in Washington
At Go For Dog Training, we don't just tell or teach dogs how they should behave and what cues mean, we actively involve dogs by using super cool training methods which they feel are games. Our 'games' are all designed to change behaviour and personality. Each and every game we play with develop real-life ready skills, from fearful and reactive dogs, to resource guarding, jumping up at people and even lead pulling. Whatever you and your dog are struggling with, theres a game for that! 


We asked Nathan to come out and help us with Luna as she is reactive when out on walks and is becoming more and more difficult to handle as she gets older. Nathan spent a good few hours going through games we can use to help Luna, he explained what makes her tick and really helped us to understand Lu.

We put a few of the new things into practice the day after and straight away Luna was happy to play them, he helped us understand different ways to look after our furry baby some of which had never really crossed my mind. We would definitely recommend.

Billie-Louise Heels


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