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Welcome To The Dog Trainer

Dogs are an important part of our family. With the daily walks we give them, to the holidays and days out and the cuddles and play we have with them when home, our pets feature throughout our daily lives. Having a healthy happy dog can bring so much satisfaction to the people who care for them. Sometimes though, our dogs can develop behavioural issues and habits that can put a strain on dog ownership, and sometimes the relationship between the dog and owner. If you live in Washington, dog trainer Nathan can help.

For professional dog training, Washington dog owners can call upon this service for bespoke tailored training to suit the needs of both you and your canine friend. Whether it be related to aggressive behaviours and anxieties, overexcitement, pulling on leads, jumping up at guests who come to your home, or anything else, with a trained and accredited pet behaviourist dog trainer, Washington dog lovers can work with their dogs to overcome these obstacles creating a healthy partnership and a happier pet.

You may wish to learn new tricks and activities with your dog to continue bonding, developing your relationship and enhancing the quality of life your dog leads. With several courses and training
programs aimed at improving and building upon your dog’s skills and abilities, our Washington dog training is just the thing for you.
If you have recently brought home a new family member and are looking for puppy training classes in Washington, then our puppy programme will help provide everything they need to know as they
grow. The necessary puppy training Washington dogs require include successful socialisation skills with both fellow dogs and other people, learning recall commands and knowing when to leave and
ignore a distraction.

For our dog training and puppy classes, Washington dog owners can book with us here.

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I think the training was fun for both the dogs and the handlers. Learning through playing is great. Both our pups have really developed since attending puppy training. Nathan has been really brilliant in what has been the most trying of circumstances. Helpful, sharing wisdom and experience really enhanced the training. Access to the online training has also helped so I would thoroughly recommend Nathan to anyone looking for dog training.

Alex Shaw

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