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Are you not enjoying your walks with your dog?
We can help you look forward to them again!

Whether your dog is barking at other dogs, pulling on the lead or not coming back when called, we can help you teach them appropriate behaviours!

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Durham Puppy Training Classes

Durham Puppy Training Classes

Resolving Separation Anxiety Group Class

Resolving Separation Anxiety Group Class

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Washington and Gateshead Puppy Classes

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Gosforth and Longbenton Puppy Classes

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South Shields Puppy Classes

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Got A Dog? Try Dog Training In Tynemouth

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Every dog owner wants their buddy to live a happy a life, and hopefully be as well behaved in possible – often dog owners miss the mark that the two go hand in hand. Some dogs are naturally exceptionally obedient, but others sometimes need a little guidance along the right path to the park. If your dog or puppy is in need of some support, The Dog Trainer has it covered with our dog training in Tynemouth!

What We Do

At South Shields Dog Trainer, we offer a whole range of classes, courses and bespoke training dealing with the entire spectrum of dog and puppy issues. Our programs are stocked full of experience and scientific method to ensure you and your beloved friend receive the best care available – we provide exceptional all-round training from qualified, award winning trainers with unmatched expertise.

Whether you’re dying to hand out more treats for good behaviour, looking so solve anxiety or aggression issues, socialising or relationship building, we do it all at Tynemouth dog training.

Dogs? Puppies? Anything In Between!

For dogs that have developed issues later in life or have had bad habits which won’t seem to budge, we understand despite how much you love your dog, how hard it can be for you to manage – and how stressful it can be for the dog itself.

For this reason, we offer an excellent range of courses targeted at specific or multiple types of issues, and at the core of these courses is a focus on encouraging positive behaviours and crucially, giving the two of you the skills required to trust and understand each other and help nourish a lifelong, well-behaved relationship.

As well as this for dog owners with a new addition to the family, we also offer both training classes and one on one (or online) classes for puppy training in Tynemouth. This training is a one stop shop to cover all the bases and set your pup up with the best start to life, giving them all the skills and behavioural qualities needed to safely and happily navigate the home and beyond.

Any dog, with any issue, with our care, guidance and support, we can help you navigate your way to maximising your enjoyment of the time spent with your dog!

We’ll Take Great Care Of Your Furry Family Member

While the courses and dog training in Tynemouth provided is of the highest quality, we recognise that a key ingredient to your happiness and your dog’s success is our kindness and compassion in imparting our training.

Dog owners can rely on us as responsible and caring Trainers – our support doesn’t just stop at the end of a class or programme; our Trainers can give you the support and assistance you need to continue supporting your dog from home, imparting all the information you need to continue your dog’s journey to being the best boy!

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