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Do you wish your dog to listen?
Even when there are distractions?

We can help! Our expert dog training and behaviour experts are masters in teaching people to train their dogs, using force free and kind methods.

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Walkies Gone Wrong In Wallsend? Try Dog Training

Although owning a dog can be rewarding and build a bond for life, it can also sometimes be stressful and difficult. At South Shields Dog Trainer, we’re aware of the trials and tribulations that all dog owners can go through – and we’re here to help.

We are award winning dog trainers in Wallsend equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience in transforming the littlest behavioural bumps or the biggest hurdles in a caring and compassionate way.

What Issues Might My Dog Have?

First off, we believe that it’s important to recognise them as just issues, even the biggest of which can be fixed through time, attention, and effort. We do however recognise that some dogs can have genuine difficulties which can cause you serious headaches; you might be embarrassed that your dog is over-excitable and messy when guests visit, or in some cases scared that it might not react well to meeting new people or other pups.

You might also find that your dog’s behaviour is causing you genuine difficulty and hassle in looking after them; it could be challenging and draining to pay hawk-eyed attention every step outside the house, they might cause you to question who is taking who for a walk or perhaps they simply don’t listen and refuse to answer your calls.

A further issue which is often forgotten, and which can in fact cause your dog to act out, is that your dog may be getting distressed or anxious in a variety of situations – it’s significant to remember your dog’s health is as important as its behaviour.

How We Can Help

Nathan, our Head Trainer has mountains of experience and a wealth of knowledge with which to guide dogs of any variety and personality towards better behaviour and a happier life. We provide a vast array of Wallsend dog training programmes, courses and classes, as well as one-on-one and online training.

We get to know you and your dog, assessing its personality and its particular issues in order to build a bespoke game plan for breaking down how to caringly and effectively deal with the issue and work towards a solution. Our training and skills development will help to prepare your pup for the big wide world.

Get In Touch!

We offer one to one calls to assess your dog – this way we can get a grasp on each dog’s issues and personalities which enables our expert Wallsend dog trainers to craft a tailor made programme to assist your dog in navigating through its problems and finding a long term solution which you feel works. Through this we hope to provide a route to a happier and healthier life for both of you!

If you like what you hear and want to get your paws on it as quick as possible, get in touch!

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