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Do you want The Perfect Puppy?
Join HUNDREDS of other owners who have joined our Perfect Puppy Programme

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Puppy Classes

What Do I Get With The Perfect Puppy Programme?

🐾 The Checklist for everything you and your puppy need

🐾 Guide on integrating your new puppy to suit your lifestyle

🐾 The step by step guide to socialisation

🐾 Training for all those must needed behaviours

🐾 Theory module on how your puppy thinks

🐾 The perfect package to build the perfect puppy for your family!

Please don't leave your puppies behaviour to chance, be proactive and start their training today!

The Perfect Puppy Programme

The step by step guide for everything you need to know to raise a puppy from day 1 until they are the perfect companion!

What Will I Learn?

🐾 How to create a dog that can be independent


🐾 How to teach them to sleep through the night


🐾 Avoiding Littermate/2nd Dog Syndrome

🐾 How to build a calm puppy

🐾 Enriching Your Puppies Life

🐾 Toilet Training

🐾 Setting up the environment 


🐾 Socialisation Do's and Dont's

🐾 A dog that doesn't want to go and see every other dog and person you pass, because YOU are their source of fun! 

🐾 Confidence-building activities that create dogs that won't react on walks

🐾 Build calmness in the house 

🐾 How to teach your dog to WANT to come back when called! 

🐾 Building focus and loose leash walking 

🐾 A dog that will drop when asked or leave things that aren’t theirs

🐾 Husbandry behaviours that are important for vet visits, grooming and health checks

Sign up and start your puppies perfect dog programme today

Who Is This For?

🐾 Puppies and dogs that have had their initial vaccinations and are allowed to go out or adult dogs whose vaccinations are up-to-date

🐾 Owners that want to learn more about training their dog and get started

🐾 New puppies and rescue dogs

🐾 Any dogs that need the basic level of training

🐾 Available anywhere in the UK!

Start enjoying your puppy today!

Feedback / Reviews

When I realised I had an issue with my lurcher Charlie with him being reactive towards other dogs my heart felt heavy and thought it would always be that way, but a friend recommended the South Shields dog trainers which was also backed up by a lurcher group and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed with the outcome. I met with Nathan for my first session with fear of what to expect and I was put at ease straight away and Charlie loved him, so did my other dog Archie who got to spend lots of time with Nathan also so both have benefited from the calm way he instructs you and makes it seem like you’re just chatting so not only putting the dogs at ease but me also. As my sessions have continued I’ve seen the confidence in Charlie grow, I rarely get a reaction from him when we pass another dog except for him looking to me to for being a good boy (and his treat) which has been so well deserved he’s so much more relaxed and his tail is now up most of the time we are out now and I couldn’t have done it without Nathan at the South Shields dog trainer they are my stars and I know they are there if I need help in the future.
Thank you so much 😊

Chris Stoddart

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