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Do You Wish Your Dog Would Listen?
We can help you teach them!

Dog training can be confusing, and it takes a lot of time and patience. Our award winning dog trainers and behaviourists can help you teach your dog to listen, regardless of the environment, breed and prior learning!

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Should You Consider Dog Training in Horsham?

Dog owners get a lot of pleasure from spending time with their pets, after all, its why we have them! It is understandable why some prefer to carry out their own dog training in Horsham, however, since every dog is different, many owners find that there can be situations that require a professional touch.

We at The Dog Trainers understand that every dog owner has their own requirement, which is why we provide all clients with a personalised training plan that can yield the following benefits.

Dog Training in Horsham Can Help Improve Mental and Physical Performance in Dogs

Although physical exercise is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, dogs must also be mentally stimulated. Fortunately, a professional dog trainer ensures that dogs receive both physical and mental stimulation while working toward a happier lifestyle.

We can ensure that dogs receive a balanced training plan that is scheduled to their needs and promote a healthy lifestyle, plenty of stimuli for cognitive development and ultimately, force free, relationship building training.

Develop a Stronger Bond with Your Dogs Using Dog Training in Horsham

When communication breaks down between a dog and its owner, there can be a lot of frustration and stress to contend with. Although a dog may seem disobedient, there can be several reasons for bad behaviour.

The Dog Trainers in Horsham understand the frustration that can arise with unwanted behaviours from your dog, but can provide clients with a tailored training plan designed to succeed. This ensures that every moment spent with your pet is considered quality time.

Enjoy Time Away with Your Dogs

Although people love to take their dogs with them everywhere, there can be times when behavioural problems mean options are limited when travelling. Regardless of whether you are using public transport or driving, if dogs become anxious, it could be dangerous for you, your dog, and others in the vehicle.

The Dog Trainers has several years of experience dealing with disobedient dogs and reactive triggers and can help ensure your pets remain calm when travelling.

Dog Training in Horsham Can Help Stop Destructive Behaviour

When dogs become nervous or anxious, they can sometimes respond with destructive behaviour. Although destructive behaviour can be a one-off occurrence in some instances, there can also be times when the behaviour is repeated.

Separation anxiety is one big issue that can lead to destructive behaviour in your home, and we can help with this!

If you’re currently trying to curb your pet’s destructive behaviour but are unsure where to start, then why not get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail?

Professional Dog Training Helps Cease Sibling Rivalry

When pups are raised together, it is not uncommon for them to become aggressive towards each other as they reach adulthood. Although dogs craving their owner’s attention is expected, they can become jealous of each other when there are several dogs.

The Dog Trainers use gentle methods to ensure dogs are fully aware of their boundaries, while dog owners are advised how to maintain the behaviour once the dogs are at home.

The benefits listed are just examples of the value dog owners can obtain when enlisting professional dog training services in Horsham.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to curb reactive behaviour or want to ensure dogs remain calm in social settings, The Dog Trainers can provide you with a professional land affordable service in both instances.

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