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Dog Trainer in Tyne & Wear

Owning a dog is fantastic, and you will be hard-pressed to find someone who will tell you otherwise. However, even though it is lovely to have a dog in your life, you will want to make sure that they behave as they should. Doing this can be challenging without the right knowledge, which is where this Dog Trainer in Tyne and Wear can help.

Our classes include puppy training and dog training, depending on what you need. Available to those throughout the Tyne and Wear area, you can sign up for these expert classes and ensure that you have the help that you need for your dog. These could be issues in your home, or perhaps whilst you are out and about on walks.

With plenty of knowledge and experience in training a range of dogs, the Tyne and Wear Dog Trainer can offer various services. This includes a complete dog training package to cover a range of issues and training that will help with one particular issue that your dog may have.

Barking issues, pulling whilst walking, jumping up at people and recall response. These are just some of the critical issues that the Dog Trainer in Tyne & Wear can help you with. All of which will allow you to enjoy owning a dog again.

Puppy Training

When it comes to dog training, it is best to train your dog right from the start. This is why Nathan, the Tyne & Wear Dog Trainer, offers a specialised puppy training service throughout Tyne & Wear. These classes cover a range of things to think about when you own a new puppy.

Socialising skills is a vital part of the training, as your puppy will interact with other dogs and people too. However, the classes also cover recall response and how they react to commands that you give them.

You will learn more about how you and your puppy should interact. This could be during play or when you are out having a walk. These are necessary skills and they can change the time that you spend with your dog.

Whilst you can learn these things at home, it is much easier to get right when working in a class setting.

The Dog Trainer Tyne and Wear, Nathan

Nathan, the man behind the Tyne and Wear Dog Trainer, has years of experience working with various dogs. However, he specialises in working with dogs that have become fearful, reactive or aggressive over time.

As a pet behaviourist, Nathan is fully trained, fully certified and fully accredited. This means that you know you are in safe hands and that you will always receive the very best training for your dog.

As well as covering the basics in class, Nathan will then give you all the information and expertise that you need to work on these things at home—carrying on your achievements.

Need some help with your dog? Get in touch with Nathan and see how he can transform the lives of you and your dog!

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