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We are award winning dog trainers in South Shields, Sunderland, Washington and Gateshead. 
At Go For Dog Training, we don't just tell or teach dogs how they should behave and what cues mean, we actively involve dogs by using super cool training methods which they feel are games. Our 'games' are all designed to change behaviour and personality. Each and every game we play with develop real-life ready skills, from fearful and reactive dogs, to resource guarding, jumping up at people and even lead pulling. Whatever you and your dog are struggling with, theres a game for that! 
We have been trained by the best! Our trainers include the previous Team GB Dog Agility Captain and multi time crufts agility champion, and a Vet Behaviourist who litterally wrote the book on Concept Dog Training ("How To Be A Concept Dog Trainer"). Both these trainers are known world wide and leaders in dog training and behaviour. You might of heard of their business, AbsoluteDOG, or seen some of their videos, well are also certified trainers by their 'Pro Dog Trainer' programme so you know that we have earned the reward of calling ourselves dog trainers. 

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