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About Me

🐾 I am a trained, certified and accredited dog trainer and pet behaviourist in the North East.

🐾 I specialise in reactive and aggressive dogs, particularly herding breeds like German Shepherds and Border Collies.

🐾 I am a senior instructor for the Dog Training College and Founder of The Dog Trainers Academy.

🐾 I have 2 training schools in the North East and a Dog walking company rated 2nd in the UK. 

🐾 I work with hundreds of dogs every year with fantastic success rates.

🐾 I have multiple awards for dog training, certificates in double figures and have been in multiple books, blogs and online areas.

You can trust me with your dogs behavioural modification!

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My History

I haven't always been a dog trainer, although it has always been a passion! I grew up with a German Shepherd cross Collie called Ben who was a fantastic dog, extremely well behaved and loving, except that he was an escape artist. Sadly he grew old and crossed the rainbow bridge when I was 11 years old. 


For the next 14 years, I was dogless! I even had cats! 


After leaving school, I worked in a door factory for a few months before starting a job in the Court Service. During my time in the court service, I learned a method called LEAN. This was a way of getting from A to B for a certain task in the quickest and most effective way whilst minimising risk, which is something that I can now bring to dog training. I stayed in the Court Service for 9 years, and while there I had a variety of jobs, from management to Court Clerking for Circuit Judges, I worked on various projects including ones where I created processes for Bills that were passing through Parliament and fed back recommendations to them. 



You can trust me with your dogs behavioural modification!

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