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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Over 400 5-star reviews from happy owners!

Unlock Your Puppy's Potential:

Award-Winning Puppy Classes in the North East

✅ 6 Weeks of In Person Puppy and Adolescence Classes 🐾
✅ Expertly designed classes by renowned canine behaviourists 📘
✅ Highly Qualified and Accredited trainers with a wealth of experience 🎓
✅ Personalised attention for every puppy 🐶
✅ Proven results with thousands of satisfied owners and their well behaved puppies! 🌟

It's never to early to start training your puppy, but it can be too late! 
Sign your puppy up today!

Awards We Have Won 🏆

Our Upcoming Classes

We have multiple awesome venues around the North East with regular classes to choose from

Durham Puppy Training Classes

South Shields Puppy Classes

Gosforth and Longbenton Puppy Classes

Washington and Gateshead Puppy Classes

Our Accreditations: Proven Quality, Trust, and Continuous Excellence 🎓

What Is Included In the Puppy Classes?

🐾 6 Weeks of In-Person Puppy Classes: Dive into a group environment that's perfect for learning and socialising. Benefit from clear instructions every step of the way 📅

🐾 Personalised Attention: During each class, our highly qualified and seasoned dog trainers are there to guide you and your puppy 🤝

🐾 Exclusive Goody-Bag: Packed with treats, an enrichment toy, a handy clip-on treat bag, and vouchers worth over £25! 🎁

🐾 Comprehensive Training: We cover essential skills like loose leash walking, reliable recall, teaching your puppy to drop and leave items, and engaging in confidence and relationship-building activities. 🐕‍🦺

🐾 In-Depth Online Theory Course: Delve deep into all things puppy! From managing teething and chewing to mastering toilet training, understanding socialisation, and addressing early fears, we've got it all covered 🖥️

🐾 Online Course Access: Missed a class? No worries! Access the online version of our in-person course to rewatch and catch up at your convenience 🔄

Check Out Our In-Person Puppy Training Class 👇

Below are some live footage taken from our classes of the awesome training that the puppies get! Check out all the happy puppies that your dog could be joining!


Your puppy's ability to learn slows down dramatically over the first 9 months of life, so the best time to start training is yesterday, and the next best time is today! 🐶⏳

The Perfect Online Puppy Programme

The step-by-step guide for everything you need to know to raise a puppy from day 1 until they are the perfect companion! Everything that we teach you from the in-person course, right at your fingertips.

Who Is This For?

🐾 Vaccinated Companions: Welcoming puppies and dogs that have had their initial jabs and are ready to explore, as well as adult dogs with up-to-date vaccinations 🏥

🐾 Eager Owners: Perfect for those who are keen to delve deeper into dog training and kickstart their journey 📚

🐾 New Beginnings: Ideal for new puppies and those lovely rescue dogs that have found their forever homes ❤️

🐾 Foundational Training: Catering to dogs that require that essential basic level of training 🎓

🐾 North East Availability: Our services are accessible to dog owners all across the North East! 🇬🇧📍

Our Training Graduates

Over the years, our training has helped THOUSANDS of owners just like you to achieve the best foundations with reward-based training! Take a look at some of our happy graduates...

What Will I Learn?

🤍 Creating an Independent Dog: Learn the techniques to foster self-reliance in your furry friend.

🌙 Night-time Tranquillity: Guide your pup to sleep soundly through the night.


🚫 Avoiding Littermate/2nd Dog Syndrome: Essential tips to prevent common behavioural issues when introducing a new dog.


🧘 Cultivating a Calm Puppy: Techniques to ensure a peaceful and well-behaved pup.


🎉 Enriching Your Puppy's Life: Activities and tips to keep your puppy mentally stimulated and happy.


🚽 Toilet Training Mastery: Step-by-step guidance to ensure a mess-free home.


🏡 Optimal Environment Setup: Creating a safe and stimulating space for your dog.


🤝 Socialisation Do's and Don'ts: Navigating the world of doggy interactions with confidence.


🚶‍♂️ Creating a Focused Companion: Train your dog to find joy in your company, rather than getting distracted by every passerby.


🌳 Confidence-Building Activities: Techniques to ensure your dog remains calm and non-reactive during walks.


🛋️ Household Calmness: Strategies to maintain a serene home environment.


📣 Reliable Recall: Teach your dog the joy of returning to you when called.


🐕‍🦺 Focused Leash Walking: Ensure pleasant walks with a dog that stays by your side.


🛑 Command Mastery: Training your dog to 'drop' or 'leave' on cue.


🩺 Husbandry Behaviours: Preparing your dog for vet visits, grooming sessions, and health checks, ensuring they remain calm and cooperative.

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