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Do you need help training your dog?
Using force free methods that won't cause stress for you or your dog!
We are the Winners of UK Dog Trainer of 2020/21. We train using kind and super effective methods that don't involve fear or force. Our aim is to keep BOTH dogs and owners happy at all times while still getting second to none results.
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Durham Puppy Training Classes

Durham Puppy Training Classes

Resolving Separation Anxiety Group Class

Resolving Separation Anxiety Group Class

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Washington and Gateshead Puppy Classes

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Gosforth and Longbenton Puppy Classes

South Shields Puppy Classes

South Shields Puppy Classes

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Dog Training in Hebburn

When it comes to owning a dog, you will want to make sure that your dog is the best behaved that it can be. After all, a well-behaved dog is going to mean a happy dog and a happy owner too.


Of course, some dogs can learn some of the positive behaviours expected of them with relative ease; however, this doesn’t come naturally for some dogs. This means that they (and their owners) are going to need a little support.


If you live in the Hebburn area, you need not search for dog training in Hebburn. You have come to the right place.


Dog training Hebburn

Here at the Dog Training Hebburn we can offer expertise and support when you need it most. We have worked with a range of clients across the entire Hebburn area and wider afield, allowing us to build up our knowledge and experience, which means that we can widen our services and ensure that we reach as many dog owners as possible.


Dog Trainer Hebburn take great pride in being able to help owners and dogs alike to be able to bond and work together, making sure that they have a harmonious relationship and a great bond.


Isn’t that the main reason to have a dog? To find a friend for life and someone who will offer you love and affection, no matter what.


What services do we provide?


Our Head Trainer, Nathan is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in a wide range of dog training Hebburn and any behaviour needs your dog has. Allowing him and his team to work with dogs of all types, size and with a variety of issues too.

Some of the dog training services that you can book through us include:


· Aggression and Reactivity

· Separation problems

· Pulling on the lead when out for walks

· Recall issues

· Puppy training

· Obsessive behaviours


No matter your dog, no matter the issue you are having with them, you can rest assured that we will help you. It might not happen instantly, it may take some time and effort, but with our support, you can start to enjoy the time that you have with your dog.


Whether that is in your home or perhaps when you are out and about together.


Want to know more about our service and how we can help you?


Why not get in touch with dog trainer Hebburn to learn more. Nathan and his team offer 1 to 1 assessment calls, which will allow him to learn more about the issues you may have with your dog before putting together some plan that will help him work through the problem and find a solution that works best for you.

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