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When should you get a dog trainer?

You know your dog is good – but are they quite as well-behaved as you would like them to be? If not, or even if they are, it might be time to hire a professional dog trainer.

Below are some of the circumstances in which you may seek a trainer for your beloved pooch.

You’ve just acquired a dog or puppy

While dog owners often get in touch with a dog trainer due to a specific behavioural problem they’re concerned about – some of which we’ll detail below – that’s not always the case.

Nor is dog training solely for ‘problem dogs’. Any dog, in fact, could benefit from dog training. It’s often a case of ‘the younger, the better’ – hence our puppy training services – but even older dogs can learn from the instruction of a well-qualified dog trainer.

You wish to improve your relationship with your dog

As we touched on above, it isn’t necessarily a particular behavioural issue that might prompt you to contact a dog trainer. Training is a great way to bond with even an already well-behaved dog; it allows them to learn from you, and for the two of you to get to know each other better.

That means you’ll be able to give your dog the freedom to do the things they love to do – such as accompanying you on visits to friends and family, or running off lead. All the while, you’ll have the assurance of knowing how to control them and keep them safe.

Your dog isn’t following your commands

Now, we’re starting to get onto some of the more ‘obvious’ reasons to request a dog trainer’s services – and they’re no less valid than the ones we mentioned above.

No dog owner wants to call their dog or ask them to sit, and get completely ignored. It isn’t just cause for embarrassment – you may also be frustrated by your dog’s lack of response to you, and worried about what they might do next.

Thankfully, good, professional dog trainers are experts at identifying the cause of this behaviour and helping you to ensure your dog does begin to follow your instructions.

Your dog has other behavioural issues

Often, the first time a dog owner even thinks about getting a dog trainer, is when their dog behaves in a way that is inappropriate and they don’t know how to ‘fix’ it.

Some of these inappropriate behaviours – such as constantly jumping up at people, chasing their tail or pulling on the lead – are things that may seem ‘cute’ at first, but which can become really difficult to manage over time.

After all, do you really want to be constantly suffering from an aching hand because of your pooch over-excitedly pulling on their lead all the time? Or embarrassed because they’re always barking and lunging at other dogs or people while outside?

Inappropriate behaviours like this can really grind you down, indicate your dog’s distress, and generally have a toxic effect on your relationship with your dog. They just aren’t things you’ll want to ‘leave alone’. And the sooner you act by getting in touch with the right dog trainer, the sooner you can begin to tackle these behaviours in a healthy way for both you and your dog.

Why not place your trust in a trained, certified, accredited and award-winning dog trainer when you require dog training services for any of the above reasons?

It really couldn’t be easier to book your free assessment call with me today.

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