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Interactive Puppy and Dog School

  • 7Weeks


🐶 Have you got a puppy or dog that you would like to train? ✅ Train them with the UK’s #1 Dog Trainer! The majority of calls that I am currently dealing with are owners who got their puppies during or just before the last lockdown. A lot are pulling on the lead, not coming back when asked and not socialised. This CAN be avoided and rectified! ✅ Throughout the numerous lockdowns, we mastered online learning and quite frankly, you DO NOT need to be in a class environment to train your puppy to a high standard! During this course, you can get help from our trainers via our course-specific Facebook Group. 🔥 How the course works 🔥 👉🏻 5 days per week, you get a short video tutorial of a game to play with your puppy and 2 rest days 👉🏻 Play the game for 3-5 minutes per session 👉🏻 Upload your training videos for feedback, rosettes and certificates 👉🏻 Have fun with your dog and set them up for life! What is in the course? ✅ Lifetime access to all the tutorials (over 50 step by step lessons) of puppy training. ✅ Available anywhere and from any device including our Mobile App. ✅ Teach your dog to heel, come back when asked and pay attention outside! ✅ Teach your dog to be calm at home, drop items when you ask and leave things they shouldn’t have.   👉🏻 BONUS PUPPY THEORY COURSE: Tutorials to help you through some of the most asked about puppy problems like biting, toilet training, where to sleep and how to socialise.


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