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Skill-Up Your Dogs Brain - Starts 15th January!

Skill-Up Your Dogs Brain - Starts 15th January!

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Trainer Supported Puppy Program - Starting 1st February 2021

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Dog and Puppy Training Classes Sunderland

You want your dog to be happy, of course you do, and dogs love to explore and play.  They are at their best when they are socialised and when they learn not to be anxious or stressed over new environments or situations.  However, you also want your dog to respond to your call when there are dangers or things that will put him/her in harm’s way.  Here you can access the dog training Sunderland pet owners can rely on to reach all of these goals, and ultimately be proud of their dog’s progress.

The classes and courses for Sunderland dog training programs include a host of skills and behaviours that will allow you and your dog to really make the most of your time together.  Whether walking, staying at home, or taking your dog to new places when on holiday, or in a public place such as a pub or café, or taking them to visit friends and family, there is just the right program and training available to you.


The South Shields Dog Trainer for Sunderland provides a host of training and courses such as those that reduce separation anxiety and stress-related aggression towards others and their dogs.  The puppy training programs include a host of essential and fun skills for your pup, including the ability to respond when you recall your dog even when there are distractions.


Calling on the South Shields Dog Trainer, Sunderland pet owners can rely upon him to give their dogs the best chance of learning new skills and getting the most out of their lives.  There are also puppy classes, Sunderland residents can access and you can also book some 1:1 dog or puppy training, Sunderland residents and canines will surely enjoy.

So, if you live in Sunderland, Dog Trainer Nathan encourages you to call him today to book your free 1:1 assessment and introduction.

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I think the training was fun for both the dogs and the handlers. Learning through playing is great. Both our pups have really developed since attending puppy training. Nathan has been really brilliant in what has been the most trying of circumstances. Helpful, sharing wisdom and experience really enhanced the training. Access to the online training has also helped so I would thoroughly recommend Nathan to anyone looking for dog training.

Alex Shaw

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