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Perfect Puppy Classes - South Shields




Perfect Puppy Classes - South Shields

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Perfect Puppy Classes - Blaydon

How Can We Help?

I have a specific problem that I need help with.

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What can we help with?

We are multi-award winning dog trainers and behaviourists based in Sunderland but covering the whole of the UK. 
With our kind, science based methods of training and outstanding knowledge of dog behaviour, we can transform any behaviour problem and get you the good dog you always wanted!
Here are just some of the issues we can help with: 
✔️           I am embarrassed to have friends and family in my home because of my dog's behaviour.
✔️           I dread taking my dog for a walk.
✔️           I have pains in my arms, back and shoulder from all my dog's pulling.
✔️           I hate leaving the house because I know my dog will be anxious while I'm gone and may destroy my sofa.
✔️           I'm scared of my dog or the consequences of their behaviour.
✔️           I feel like rehoming is the only option.
You'll be pleased to know, we can help with your dog behaviour and help you create a happy relationship with your dog.

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"We've managed to take her on 2 cottage/lodge holidays this year lots of pub lunches that we were unable to do before"

Heather Embleton

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