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Skill-Up Your Dogs Brain

  • 8Weeks


So you have been trying to train your dog, and they are just not getting it? This is the program for you! We need to look deeper than just behaviours! The brain needs trained One thing that is often overlooked is the underlining pathways in the brain that actually create and inspire the behaviours we want. For example, when we have a dog that is scared of other dogs, we often just work on the behaviours they are showing around other dogs.  In reality, we can look at the pathway in the brain (known as a Concept) that is responsible for inspiring confidence and optimism.  Similarly, surfing benchtops, jumping up, running off to see other dogs are all behaviours that we can help resolve by creating brain pathways that inspire calmness, arousal control and impulse control. This course has been developed to both enhance our dog's brain pathways, as well as areas we often set our dogs up to fail and create the wrong pathways.  In this program we will look at:  ✅ Creating a calm dog with an off switch ✅ Increasing focus, engagement and adding value in being close to you ✅ Inspiring confidence and optimism ✅ Teaching our dogs to have impulse control ✅ Helping them learn the skill to disengage from things on walks ✅ Increase their tolerance of frustration ✅ Building relationships through play and drive How this program will work? Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 7 weeks you will receive a game to play with your dog. Simply play the games, reap the rewards and have fun! 


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