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Let’s dispel some myths about socialisation - your dog doesn’t need to meet 100 different types of people in a week and the window doesn’t cut off dead on 16 weeks.

Let’s say it’s a little more flexible and organic than that. Sure there are cut-offs for the best exposure but that doesn’t mean they are finished learning completely and you can’t grow their confidence through games and learning specifically targeting confidence.

We feel that it's less about specific exposure and more about a good quality variety of experiences and having an optimistic, flexible and reinforceable learner.

In addition to this, by establishing great value in things that you can use in their learning later, for example toys, food, praise and proximity we know that they will have the reinforcement value to be able to adjust and fl

ex to life as and when needed.

We like to ensure that our puppies get quality over quantity in terms of their learning and exposure.

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