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Housetraining Your Puppy

Well dogs and puppies, they are predictable, they often want to go after any event, and more frequently the younger they are.

Firstly, we try to have and practice the gated communities approach to life with our dogs, they don’t have free access to everything all of the time, at least not until they know the way of the house and the way of the world.

Their freedom in the house is totally dependant on their learning and age and stage, after all it would be potentially dangerous to give them completely free reign 24/7 unsupervised.

With regards to house training:

Be vigilant - watch for the signs they never hide that they need to go there are always the obvious signs, spinning, looking agitated, sni ng, vigilant!

The younger and smaller the puppy, the smaller the bladder. If they are generally active then they may need to go as often as every 15-30 minutes, not so much when they are sleeping but when they are active. Keep a close eye!

Put going to the toilet on a cue “be busy”, “hurry up”, “quickly”..... say it every time you take them out to go and reward them lavishly if they oblige!

Don’t leave it to chance take them out more regularly rather than less, and take them out at all different times of the day.

Teach them to go on all new surfaces so, for example, some dogs will not toilet on concrete and others won’t toilet on gravel, teach them to toilet wherever you require, it makes life travel easier in the long run.

If there are any accidents, clean them up very well. The scent of any accidents gives your dog the idea that this could be bathroom, if it isn’t then make sure that you make this super clear to your dog!

If there are any accidents handle them gently, they are not intentional and you don’t want to punish them in any way. If you do see them go to try to toilet in the house, interrupt them but don’t scare them or punish them, they aren’t being difficult, they are simply learning.

If you have any problems, firstly rule out any urinary tract infection or bladder issue then become more vigilant and watch them very closely for all signs of needing the bathroom.

Good luck, it’s a short part of the journey, and there will be lapses, have patience and a good vigilant attitude and you will be just fi


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