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Your Powerful Why

When we first get our dogs, we spend the first part of their life training and getting adjusting our lives to accommodate them. More often than not, eventually the training fades out. We forget the reason we got our dogs and our original aims for them. So, this very simple exercise can get us back on track.

Think back to when you first went to get your puppy, WHY did you get a puppy?

This is your POWERFUL WHY! This is what should keep us going with training, although this powerful why can change, we should always think about what it is we actually want from our dog.

So, think about your powerful why. Write it down, what your vision was when you went for your puppy, see if your why has changed. Is there more you can do to achieve your why?

Often our powerful why can seem very daunting, but over the next 3 weeks, pick just 3 steps or games you can play and start there.

If you are struggling with where to start, give Go For Dog Training - The South Shields Dog Trainer a call and we can help you create a plan!

You deserve an AWESOME relationship with your dog, and this simple trick is the way you can achieve that!

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