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Dont Just Turn Up, Show Up!

The 6 secrets to dog walking

I want to dive into the world of dog walking and Im hoping with this blog series I will change your mindset on it forever. Firstly we are going to set the foundations for dog walking your dog, a few things to think about before you set off on the all amazing adventures of Dog and You!

Be there for your dog

Being there for your dog has to be one of the most important things and the number one rules of dog walking. I know that the reason I am outside in the first place is because of my little companion, so why ignore her?

Being there with your dog mentally is just as important as being there physically, you want your dog to be ready for anything at anytime, to be with you as much as you are with them. Don’t just turn up on your dog walks, show up!

No work all games!

Sniff games for the sniffers, switch games for the tuggers and wrestling for the dogs that just love a good rough and tumble., There is tons of things you can do whilst out with your dog other than just walking to one spot and walking back, what is the fun in that?

The main aim of any game we play with our dog is to make us the source of fun, I want my dog to think of me of the most brilliant amazing companion ever and once they do, why would they want to be anywhere else? Enjoying your dog as much as they enjoy you is priority one in the dog walking game.

Why games?

Games is the best way to lift your relationship with your dog to the highest levels and put value back into yourself through your dogs eyes, not only will it provoke thought in your dog but it will add love and desire into your dogs life. My dogs are constantly playing games and the fun they have is amazing and they are completely addicted to it and so am I! I am no longer dreading the nightly walk because I have worked all day, I am thinking of the next game that I can play with my dog and we all love it.

Use your environment

The world is a big place and full of amazing spaces that you can be using to play games with your dogs

Use the benches for paws up, the rocks for climbing, the grass for sniffing, outside space is pretty much a massive training arena and the best thing is, it is completely free and open for you to use at any time! Don't just put your dog in the environment, make them use it to the best of their abilities and make you the center of it.

We want a reactive dog

Yes reactive, that big scary word in the dog community but we want them reactive to you! So, next time you are out with your dog remember that your dog is the reason you are out, take your time and use that one to one opportunity you have with your dog to make your dog the best version of themselves they can be and yourself the best dog owner in the world!

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