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Which Road Will Your Dog Choose?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Your dog is constantly at a crossroads in their lives, they have so many different roads they can choose at any point, do they do the zoomies around the room? Eat the sofa? Dive all over you nipping at your hands? Be calm in their beds?

Luckily, we can actually put up road signs helping our dogs to make the right choice! We can close a road by managing situations, ie if your dog is choosing to counter surfing in the kitchen, we can simply keep them out the kitchen.

We can make roads non rewarding, ie do our dogs choose to pull on the lead to get somewhere but find that we stop as soon as theres tension? What about those roads we want them to choose, how do we put up those road signs pointing them in the right direction? How do we make those roads well lit and pothole free? We simply make their choices that we desire as rewarding for them as possible.

The more appealing these roads are, the more our dogs will choose them again.

This is called the SMART way of life:

See the desired behaviour

Mark with a rewarding word (ie good boy/girl)


Reward them with something they love, whether treat, attention or behaviour


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