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A belated post about a few more dogs from last week

Nathan here didn’t have time to post about these three last week, so here it is more than one week later.

Started the day with Olly the labradoodle. Olly’s owners have a lot of health issues, they really struggled to walk him, and now they can walk him absolutely fine even with a wheelchair, Olly is walking really well, he’s perfect. He was also heavily reactive to other dogs and now a lot less so, he can now walk the past majority of dogs. His issue is he doesn’t understand how to greet them, he’s got no socialisation there so he really struggles when they want to sniff him when they’re up close and that’s what I’ve been working on with my two dogs. Olly is doing fantastic, his owners have done a lot of work on him.

Next, Blue the border collie. Blue is just great. He was dead reactive, pulling on the lead, had no recall, wouldn’t come close, now he’s doing really well! The owner worked solidly with him, he’s also taught him a few sheepdog cues and sheepdog-type behaviours to channel his natural instinct. Blue is doing fantastic and this was our last session with them.

Last but not least, Bailey is the French bulldog. Bailey is doing just great. He was really reactive to other dogs and some people, but now he’s doing a spot on. He still can’t greet other dogs, but he’s happy walking the past majority of them at very close distances. Bailey is doing really well in a pretty quick time as well so spot on.

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