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A couple more lovely dogs Nathan had sessions with this week

Wednesday started in Cleadon seeing Lona - a young and very nervous border collie. Lona is equally uncomfortable around people and other dogs both outside and at home. We had a few sessions with her, starting with removing all the things that made her anxious and then slowly re-adding everything back in a nice and easy way that she can cope with. Lona is still nervous, but so much better than she used to be, she will now come into the living room rather than hiding away from people. She even came over to me for a stroke for the first time

She’s not barking at people and in general, is quite happy to go and see them when she’s out and about or at work with her owners. Moving forward we will start working more on Iona’s recall around other dogs.

The next session was at South Shields with Toby the chocolate Labrador. Toby was showing some aggression towards people coming into the house, he has chased people a few times whilst out and about. We introduced a “place” at home for Toby to go to when someone comes to the door, we now also have a system in place for when Toby needs to meet people in a way that keeps him happy and relaxed. Toby is doing amazingly well now and is the most perfect dog when he’s out and about. He’s now quite happy to see other people and dogs, shout out to his owners who are great at reading situations that Toby isn’t going to be completely comfortable in.

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