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Cesar the Staffy / German Shepherd

Cesar is the brown dog in the back. He’s a lovely pup who doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.

This was the second session with Cesar, in the first we sorted his loose leash walking and this is now nailed.

He reacts to dogs by barking and lunging and this is as far as across the road, often even further.

We started teaching him that good stuff starts happening when other dogs are around and that all that good stuff came from his guardian. Bella (my black GSD) was able to walk right past within inches without Cesar even looking back.

Cesar is mint and nailed this session.

Well done Cesar and Jan, you’re both doing mint

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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