Daisy the Person Reactive German Shepherd

💥 Daisy the Reactive German Shepherd

We visited Daisy is a TINY German Shepherd, perfect sized in my opinion, for some Dog Training in North Shields / Tynemouth! 😁

She has some lovely owners who really work with her day in day out and love training. They are struggling with her reactivity, like a lot of GSD owners do, which is when they called me for some dog training help.

She stares a lot at people, chases joggers and barks at some people.

In reality, she’s lovely, but that is being overshadowed by her relatively sm

all amount of reactivity.

We started by increasing her focus and creating a nice calm loose leash walk.

Next we started counter conditioning her to teach her that she can make the choice to disengage from people and that she even gets rewarded for doing so.

She very quickly picked this up!

We also started building some impulse control surrounding her chase drive, so for this we used a flirt pole and played the Whip It game from AbsoluteDOGS which she again picked up super quickly!

We will be back out to see her again soon and keep everyone updated with her training 😁

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