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Double Trouble!

Meet Honey and Dexter! The 2 cutie Cavapoochons.

We went out to see these 2 pups last week when it was a red hot day! We stuck to the shade and got a good feel for how they behaved.

They were absolutely no bother!

I’ll be honest, I was expecting a lot worse! Honey hurt her leg early in life and missed her socialization period, usually, this is a recipe for disaster, however, the owners have been on the ball with the training.

There was a very small amount of pulling on the lead which was sorted super quickly.

There is some dog reactivity going on, but with it being so warm we only saw one dog, so we started the protocol for that and will continue that another day.

Finally, we looked at tightening up their recall, which is great until birds are around then going out the window.

These pups will be great in no time!

Well done

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