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Gimli The Chilled Out Chow Chow

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Our trainer Jaake has been back in Gateshead today to see Gimli (6-month-old Chow Chow) for his second session.

We started working with Gimli and his owner to resolve his pulling on the lead and his over-excitement around other dogs.

In our first session, we gave his owner the skills to teach loose lead walking which he is doing very well with, and some techniques to start getting his focus and attention around distractions (other dogs).

Today we put that into practice and used one of Jaake’s dogs to practice with. Gimli absolutely smashed his training today and his focus and attention was on his owner for the entire session, even when other dogs were passing by only a few feet away. Gimli was able to keep calm and focused for the entire session.

Awesome effort Team Gimli. Keep up the good work!

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