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Got a puppy? Be prepared to get bitten!

We recently went to see Kodi the 5-month-old Labrador, and his guardians are having some serious issues with him!

Kodis behaviours have got so bad that the adult owners now hide in their daughter's room to watch tv at night and get away from him.


  1. He doesn’t stop

  2. wants to eat everything including sofas,

  3. nips and bites at clothing and skin,

  4. Lunges to nip people in the street,

  5. Random bursts of frustration when he does the above,

  6. Becomes aggressive if stopped doing these things.

When you have a new puppy, you’re going to get bit, nipped at, mouthed, furniture chewed etc that’s normal. Teething puppies is as normal as teething babies, and chewing is as normal as babies touching everything. But this isn’t normal.

Kodi is very different, and seriously struggling with his ability to tolerate frustration.

We’ve got to work on these behaviours and they certainly can’t continue, as these aren’t normal puppy behaviours nor will he grow out of them.

Here is what we did:

  • Management, management, management. Possibly one of the toughest management protocols I’ve had to do. He’s crated, on a house line or a lead at all times.

  • Enrichment and working for food. He gets some easy food, then works for the rest - this way frustration is kept low and relationships are developed.

  • Taught a dropped cue, bed cue, marker cue and focused heel.

  • Owners taught defensive handling skills to restrain and deflect bites.

Kodi and his guardians have a long road ahead of them but our first step is stopping these behaviours from being displayed immediately.

I’ll be back soon to see how they get on and will post an update then!

Well done so far guys!

If this case sounds like your dog and you are having a similar issue, or a different issue entirely, book a FREE assessment call with us by clicking HERE.

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