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Luna and Lola, the Old English Bulldogs

I absolutely love these two dogs. They are so cute and so friendly, and they just look at you adoringly, no matter what you do.

They walk on the lead like chalk and cheese. Lola wants to walk extremely slowly, what we call Nana pace, and Luna wants to walk a lot faster. I describe this as gears in a car. Lola is comfortable in first gear. She's walking nicely and slowly. Luna, on the other hand, is in second gear. She's walking that a little bit faster because she wants to get places quicker, and she naturally walks faster. The owner, on the other hand, is walking at that pace in between both gears, whereas if it were a car, it would be over-revving, but then not quite ready to change into second gear.

So, what we've decided to do here is match Nana's pace or Lola's pace. We're going to walk nice and slowly here, and then what Luna did was every time she got to the end of the lead, she would just stop, she would check back in, she would walk nicely at heel, get a treat, and just be a brilliant dog on the walk.

Lola was happy, the owner's happy, and now they have a nice calm walk.

Previously, their walks would be a nightmare. They would both be reacting to other dogs and pulling towards the dogs and people and now they both walk nicely on the lead.

They're not bothered by other dogs, they're not too bothered by people, and they are just very lovely dogs and extremely well-behaved dogs.

The owner put in an awful lot of hard work and been one of the hardest workers that I've had, and it's all paid off. She's done fantastic, and she's got the dog she wants.

Well done, everyone!

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