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Max the Reactive

We’ve been back to see the lovely Max who is doing fab.

Previously he reacted to everything, people, dogs, and cars, as well terrible pulling on the lead!

His pulling on the lead is pretty much there now, and his barking at people is also sorted 95% of the time.

We doubled up our training previously to include desensitising to traffic so he’s a lot better with cars now too.

Finally, his reactivity towards dogs is getting much better too, he has even been playing with a group of collies recently. We did some work on this using Chloe, he had the odd bark but got within 2 meters of her perfectly happy.

Very pleased with Max’s progress in such a short time, he’s a great loving pup and only struggles with his initial approach, after that he’s perfect.

Won’t be long now before he’s the dream pup

Well done Max and co.

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