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Revisiting Mollie the Lurcher to see her Progress.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

We’ve been back to see Mollie and co and are pleased to say they are doing awesome!

I regularly get told during inquiries that the persons' dog reacts as soon as they see another dog, usually, however, this isn’t quite right and over 20-30 meters, their dogs don’t react.

Mollie, on the other hand, previously reacted on sight, no matter how far away the dog was!

Last time we stood at the top of Blackberry Hills and she reacted at a dog halfway down the Leas!

During the last session, we started rebuilding her confidence in the heel position, after previously being anxious there. Now she’s super happy there

We also started the counter conditioning process with her. Now, she can see a dog and will spin around to look back at her guardian, which is awesome!! Her reactivity distance has come right down to about 40 meters too, a long way to go but will definitely be there in no time!

Mollie becomes overstimulated in a lot of environments and anxious by loud noises, men, and novelty, and on grass, it’s difficult to get her nose off the floor.

We started working on a pattern game in the video below, then moved this to 6 other places. All of which she did great with.

In the video below, there are 2 dogs she stops to look at - which previously would have sent her crazy, but now she looks back to her guardian and off they go.

Millie and her guardian have a super relationship and her guardian is really knowledgeable about training which is really helping speed up the process!

Well done both of you, see you soon for more progress!

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