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Rexy the Big Dog Reactive Labradoodle

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

We have recently been back to see Rexy.

Rexy was attacked by a big dog and since then has become reactive towards any dog bigger than him. This also knocked his confidence in other areas and he also started barking at people coming into cafes and restaurants (if anyone can remember what they are 😅).

Rexy has a huge food drive, so we need to be really careful not to overshadow his training with them to the point where he won’t learn.

We have been teaching Rexy a focused heel which he is doing great with and then counter-conditioning him to other dogs. In Rexys case, we want him to look at a bigger dog and choose to look back, that’s when he gets the treat, and therefore no overshadowing the learning.

Rexy will do great 🤩

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