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Train Your Dogs Brain with the UK's #1 Dog Trainer

50% OFF for 1 week only!! Only £48.50!

Do you want your dog to listen to you? Do you want them to make better choices? Do you want to transform your relationship with your dog? Do you have 10 minutes spare a day to watch and train? If you answered yes to any of these, then this is for you.

This course will look at developing KEY CONCEPTS within the brain that:

  1. Create a calm dog with an off switch.

  2. Increase focus, engagement, and adding value in being close to you

  3. Inspire confidence and optimism

  4. Teach our dogs to have impulse control

  5. Help them learn the skill to disengage from things on walks

  6. Increase their tolerance of frustration

  7. Build relationships through play and drive

How this program will work?

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 7 weeks you will receive a game via our online portal to play with your dog. You can then take part in our Trainer Supported Facebook Group and earn your certificate and rosette

Simply play the games, reap the rewards and have fun! Sign up here:

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