The Perfect Puppy Program online is perfect for anyone who has a puppy or is planning to get one. There earlier this program is in your life, the better!


We cover everything from day 1 right up to your dog coming back when called, each and every time! Amazing right?


You no longer have to wait until your puppy is allowed out to start training, and you know what, its detrimental if you do! 


Did you know that your puppies socialisation window is almost over by the time they are allowed to go on walks? Well, this program shows you how to avoid that problem!


Did you know that the attention you give your puppy in the first 7 days directly correlates to whether or not they get separation anxiety? Again, we can walk you through this step by step! 


And that is just two examples of the secrets we are going to give you in this program! 


Don't leave your puppies behaviour to chance, learn proven and scientific methods to help create the perfect relationship! 


For full terms and conditions, please see the terms and conditions link at the bottom of this page.

The Perfect Puppy Programme Online

Add one to one sessions:
  • ❤️ BONUS: Socialisation during lockdown LIVE!

    ❤️ BONUS: Mastering Outdoors Week!

    ✅ Instant, lifetime access to 10 modules (over 50 step by step lessons) of puppy training

    ✅ Available anywhere and from any device

    ✅ Learn how to socialise your dog during social isolation

    ✅ Teach your dog to heel, come back when asked and pay attention outside!

    ✅ Teach your dog to be calm, drop when asked and leave

    ✅ 2 Month free Academy access (When launched)

    ✅ Pupgrade options for 2,4, or 6 private sessions. 

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